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Collection: Eniva Health

Since 1998, we’ve been a trusted source for high quality, safe and effective wellness products.

Nutrition: we’re experts at it. The right forms, the right concentrations, and the right combinations. We take seriously the fact people put our products in and on their bodies. They expect them to be safe. They want the product to have it in what the label says is in it. And, they want to get the results they’re looking for.

We choose to control the factors of a superior product, rather than giving that control to third party developers, researchers, or testers. It’s our product, our name, our integrity. A dedicated team of wellness experts control the entire process from design to delivery. They believe in producing natural, innovative products that allow people to experience nutritional outcomes.

We’re a Minnesota home-grown company. Our roots are here and we’ve chosen to make the Midwest our home. We're actually located near many of the world’s leading medical and wellness innovators. Our processes and facility are world class, too. Pharmaceutical grade ingredients, techniques and standards are a given. Quality is a must.

We’re a great company with an even greater purpose... We choose to help people with their health. Wellness and wellbeing is what we’re all about.
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